‘Connecting Communities:’ Bali’s 11th Annual Film Festival

Film helps us to project all of our dreams and visions for the world in a positive way, which helps us to develop a stronger connection with the people we share our world with. The importance of film festivals around the world cannot be understated as they allow creatives from all walks of life to showcase their talents and love of film. An aspiring filmmaker can break through into the tough industry and be recognized for their work by simply entering into one of the dozens of film festivals around the world.


What is The Bali Film Festival?

The Bali Film Festival is an annual event that runs for six days from the 24th of September to the 30th of September. Also known and registered as Balinale, it attracts a diverse selection of filmmakers and their art from all around the world. The theme for 2017 is “Connecting Communities through the world of film”, a recurring concept of connecting people in many creative competitions this year. The Bali Film Festival was started to and has succeeded in promoting Indonesian film and the industry’s growth in the region. The venue is hosted by the official venue partner, Cinemaxx, which is a state of the art theater with 5 separate screens at the Lippo Mall Kuta Jl. in Kartika Plaza on the South Kuta Beach. It is credited with a large number of associated events which allows for filmmakers to come relax and enjoy the Balinese culture, discuss their art, trends in the film industry and the film industry itself. Genres in the Bali Film Festival include: documentary, fiction, feature and short length films. The Bali Film Festival has been able to enable a greater exposer, tolerance and acceptance of other countries and cultures around the world. It is considered as a leading, strong platform to promote Balinese tourism and culture as well as the beautiful Balinese handcrafts and the breathtaking island itself, the island of gods.

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The History Of The Bali Film Festival:

The first Bali Film Festival was established in 2007 and endorsed by national and regional governments for the festivals proven efforts to deliver cultural, economic and political benefits. However, the Bali Film Festival is a non-government and non-profit event to show that education is important as well as share knowledge through art and film. The Bali Film Festival is strongly supported by the local communities because of its children’s charity program and Layar Tancap, a free open air cinema. Previous themes in the Bali Film Festival were: No Boundaries, Women in Focus, Environmental, Movie Classics, Asian Religion, The Face of Diversity and Children. To help build up the Indonesian film industry and economy, the Bali Film Festival has waived the entrance fee for all Indonesian applicants with the help of their Submissions Grant.

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What To Expect At The Bali Film Festival:

The Bali Film Festival hosts a series of workshops and seminars hosted by winners of award ceremonies such as the Oscars, the Emmys, the Cannes film festival and BAFTA. These workshops and seminars are aimed at helping aspiring filmmakers to hone in on their craft, perfect their art and help bring filmmakers together from around the world. Student competitions and children’s charity events are provided to visitors of the Bali Film Festival free of charge as a way to demonstrate the Bali Film Festivals commitment to the community and the locals on the island. During the annual Bali Film Festival in 2016, there were over 3.6 million visitors including locals, tourists and expats all coming together to celebrate the art of film and the filmmakers themselves. In the 2017 Bali Film Festival, we can expect a much larger attendance as the festival has grown every year since the first Bali Film Festival. The tickets for the festival are incredibly affordable, $18.75 for five tickets, $37.51 for ten tickets and $75.02 for twenty. The official program for the 2017 Bali Film Festival will be released on the 1st of September.

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So, You Want To Enter Into The Bali Film Festival? Here’s What You Need To Know:

Submissions for the 11th annual Bali Film Festival are now open and the theme for the 2017 Bali Film Festival is “Connecting Communities Through The World Of Film”. All genres of film are accepted. Submissions must be made through FilmFreeway or Withoutabox. Films entered into the Bali Film Festival have to have been completed after the 1st of January 2016 and not have been exposed significantly as a commercial or broadcast. Films shown at other festivals are eligible. All films entered have to be in DCP and MOV format. More than one film may be submitted per person as long as the films meet the given criteria.

Every film requires its own, separate entry form and two preview copies. Any film in a language other than English needs to have English subtitles. All submission forms and fees must be completed in advance so that the submission can be properly processed. The Bali Film Festival will not consider: any adverts or commercials, any films that are a “work in progress” will not be included in the festival’s program, any pornographic films or films with pornographic content.

Trophies are awarded to the best feature film, the best documentary film, and the best short film. Any partial or incomplete submission forms will not be accepted, if you are working with a team on your film then one person should be the allocated contact person for contact to be successfully made. Everyone will be contacted concerning their film’s status whether or not it has been accepted into the competition by the 15th of August 2017.

If your film has been accepted, then exhibition copies and materials need to be received by the Bali Film Festival office no later than the 10th of September. Filmmakers will receive tickets to the festival so the number of filmmakers per film needs to be made clear to the Bali Film Festival Committee.