Nusa Lembongan Map – Indonesia

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nusa lembongan map


Featured on this Map

The following map shows Nusa Lembongan accommodations, internet cafes and the ferry ticket counter:

1. Coconut Resort
2. Batu Karang
3. Playground Resort
4. Lembongan Reef
5. Oka #7 Bungalow
6. Ware – Ware
7. Lembongan Islands Beach Villa
8. Gt Net Internet Cafe
9. #7 Bungalow
10. Bunga Bungalow
11. Rockmantic Internet
12. Ticket Public Boat Counter
13. Pondok Baruna
14. Scoobydoo Bar & Restaurant
15. Nusah Indah
16. Suka Nusa
17. Ketut Losmen
18. Mainski Lembongan Resort
19. Agung Bungalow
20. Tarci Bungalow
21. Shipwreck Villa
22. Linda Bungalow
23. Puri Nusa

We’ve also put down these Nusa Lembongan Scuba Locations:

1. Gunkan
2. Mangrove Point
3. Ceningan Point
4. Wall bay
5. Gamat Bay
6. Cristal Bay

The following Nusa Lembongan Surf Spots are shown:

1. Playgrounds
2. Lacerations
3. No Mans
4. Shipwrecks
5. Ceningan Point

We’ve also shown some important temples, hospital, police station and villages. Nusa Ceningan is featured, and a part of Nusa Penida.

The following map was made from personal experience, looking at every other available map, and also looking at Google Maps. We are not responsible for any inaccuracies, and we ask that you let us know if we’ve made any mistakes or missed any important parts.

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