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Puri Uluwatu VillasBesides the world famous waves, Uluwatu has so much to offer. We highly recommend staying at Puri Uluwatu Villas for the following reasons:

• Great location
• Oceanview rooms and pool
• The friendliest staff and owners in the world
• Private access to the surf and warungs
• Great price and plenty of options
• Fantastic food and massages

The Villas

Honeymoon Cottage
The room we usually stay in is the Honeymoon Cottage. It has ocean views and quick access to the private path and the pool. The ceilings are high and the room and bathroom are very big.

360 Tower
The Tower offers 360 degree views of Bali. You’ll be the first one to know what the waves are doing in the morning. It has a large bedroom and living room below. Access to the bedroom is by a steep ladder, so keep that in mind.

The Main House
The main house has many rooms and offers a more family-style atmosphere with a shared livingroom area. The largest room up top has a huge balony with views of the jungle and the surf.

Private Villas
There are a couple of other villa rooms available on the property. These don’t have views, but are very nice and worth staying in if you’re looking to pay a little less.

To inquire about availability and best price, let us know what you’re looking for and when you’ll be wanting to stay. We have a direct connection with the owner and can offer excellent rates.

Owners and Staff

Staying at the Puri Uluwatu Villas is a very private experience, but at the same time it has a family atmosphere. Originally from California, the owner Steve is one of the most accommodating people you’ll meet. He and the staff are very good in helping you understand the local customs, explaining the area, and give you a heads up when the surf is going to be optimal.

surf break of UluwatuThe Property

The property is ideally located in front of the world famous surf break of Uluwatu. It has private stairs and entry to the break. This is really nice when you want to quickly check the surf or grab a cocktail at a warung.

The pool is warm and has views of the ocean. The whole property is nestled in and above the jungle making it very private and exotic. You can hear the waves and the birds at all time.

trail down to Uluwatu

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