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best bali surf spotsBalian was once a secret that everyone seems to know about. It is a decent trek to get here, which discourages many visitors. If you want to surf this spot, we suggest staying at the Gajah Mina Beach Resort. If you make the hour and a half journey from Kuta, these are some of the things you’ll be blessed with.

Reasons to Visit or Stay in Balian:

  • Tip: get there early before others make the journey
  • Balian has many lefts and rights
  • It’s almost always bigger up here than in the South
  • Balian is a friendly wave, relatively
  • There are plenty of waves even for a crowd
  • The beaches are beautiful
  • No surfing distractions – very quiet & mellow area
  • Sunrise and sunset sessions with only those staying in the area

surfing west baliWe loved surfing at Balian. The wave is much more forgiving than other spots in Bali, though the waves are usually a lot bigger than other spots. This is good because if it’s the only place breaking, you can surf. On the other hand, if other spots are working, you’ll have bigger waves with less of a crowd.

It breaks on black sand, stones and flat rock at the mouth of Balian River south of the town of Antosari. The run off from the river can get pretty nasty at times, so bring peroxide and earplugs.

When the waves get really big, new spots open up on the outside. Balian can offer up barrels, long walls, and can get racy in sections. In our opinion, it’s one of the more forgiving spots to surf in Bali when not too big. The lefts are bit longer and better than the rights. Also, watch the winds because it can get beaten up later in the day.

We highly recommend staying at Gajah Mina Beach Resort. The grounds are stunning, very close to the beach, and many units have views of the break. They have a great restaurant, excellent service, and low prices. You can enjoy the surf and scene at the beach, then escape from it all in your own private bungalow. Learn more about the Gajah Mina Beach Resort.


Surfing Balian Beach


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