Seminyak & Legian – Bali Indonesia

 Seminyak is one of the most popular tourist towns in Bali, and for good reason. While attracting a slightly different crowd than the clubbing-inclined visitors of Kuta, Seminyak and Legian offer a huge variety of chic shops, restaurants, bars, boutique hotels, resorts, upscale villas, relaxing oceanside venues and more. We love this area for its great nightlife, cuisine and fun beach-town vibe.

bali travel tipsReasons to Visit or Stay in Seminyak:

  • Foodie’s paradise
  • Romantic cocktail bars
  • Spa services at your doorstep
  • Fun surfing and beach lounging
  • Easy walking distance to lots of attractions
  • Designer shopping
  • Upscale galleries & boutiques
  • Excellent sunset views
  • Huge variety of accommodations for every budget

Best Things To Do in Seminyak:

  • Find your perfect sunset spot. There are tons of beachside bars, restaurants and pools that offer stunning views, but our go-to’s are typically Ku De Ta (keep an eye out for their theme parties), the swim-up bar at Potato Head Beach Club, La Lucciola (reservations needed for dinner), and the colorful La Plancha, where bean bags on the sand spell perfection. For the low-key folk, an ice cold Bintang from one of many nearby beach vendors and a blanket will do just fine.
  • Get a spa treatment. One of the biggest perks of Bali is the many opportunities to kick back and relax. Spas are everywhere in Seminyak, but we really love the signature massages (60 minutes for 150,000 IDR) at Spa Bali. Pro tip: Call ahead and make a reservation. Also, they are open until 11pm, and night hours are usually less crowded. Perfect way to ease down before bedtime!
  • Have a pool day. Perhaps more than anywhere else in Bali, Seminyak has accommodations to fit every budget, no matter if you’re searching for a cozy condo complex with complimentary breakfast, a private luxury beachside villa, or budget hotel with a charming courtyard. Whether its your own pool or a hotel/restaurant’s, many of which offer swimming access with a minimum drink or food purchase, make sure to spend a day soaking in the sun rays with friends and family! For an extra bonus, Bali Floaties offers rentals of giant-sized floats for all your chlorine glory.
  • Enjoy a delicious meal! Seminyak is all-encompassing when it comes to cuisine. For authentic Indonesian food, try Warung Eny’s and Warung Ocha, while you’ll find excellent Mexican cuisine at Lacalaca Cantina, Italian food at Cafe Marzano, sashimi and fresh fish at Sakanaya, and Asian specialties at Bambu. No matter what kind of food you’re craving, you’ll find it in Seminyak.
  • Experience the nightlife. If you enjoy dancing, trivia, cocktails and music, you’re not alone. Head to Char Char Bar & Grill for drinks and tiered seating before hitting the Red Carpet Champagne Bar for bubbles and people-watching. End the night at La Favela Bali, a picturesque bar with funky jungle decor, dance music and excellent overall ambience.
  • Surf. A great place for beginners, head to the beach to sign up for a lesson from a local resident! Depending on conditions, waves can also be fun for intermediate and advanced surfers. Be careful of strong rip currents!

bali travel tips

Seminyak Hindu Celebration

seminyak activitiesWe were lucky enough to stumble upon one of the many Hindu celebrations that occur regularly on Bali.

This one was held on the day before the Nyepi celebration and two days before the Hari Raya Nyepi. Hari Raya Nyepi (quiet day) is celebrated throughout Bali where all shops are closed and no one is permitted to even walk in the streets. Everyone must remain quiet and indoors for worship of Capur Tapa Brata. Many activities are prohibited such as entertainment (this is not the case within the confines of most resorts.)

Pawai Ogoh-Ogoh, the day before Nyepi, is when the people of Bali celebrate with music, food and drink with dancing and parades. With the loud noises and partying they believe they can scare the bad spirits away from the island. The next day is made to be silent so that the spirits believe that the inhabitants of Bali have left, so in turn, they will completely leave the area. Ogoh-Ogoh is the bad spirit beast represented. At the end of the day, each family burns their Ogoh-Ogoh in the street to celebrate their gain of Dharma (good) and domination over Adharma (evil).

In Bali, you’ll often see entire families on a single moped. Mopeds are the primary form of transportation in Bali due to their low cost and small size. Driving in Bali is truly an experience. We personally try to avoid it at all costs. Traffic laws are more like suggestions than strict rules. For example, a red light is really just a warning that traffic will be coming in from both sides as you fly between other vehicles. Kind of sketchy.

Seminyak / Legian Hotels

One of the nicest hotels in Seminyak or Legian is the O-CE-N Bali Outrigger. This oceanfront hotel sits right in the heart of Seminyak with a great location for beach-going and shopping. The Hotel has a long, river-like pool that flows around the premises. The restaurants serves fantastic cocktails with an ocean view.

best resorts seminyak bali

For large groups (up to 10 people), we recommend Zara Villas Bali, a luxurious, intimate option that includes your own personal staff and private pool!

Overall, we love Seminyak for its endless amenities, fun-loving attitude, and picturesque sunsets. While those seeking ultimate relaxation may find more of what they’re looking for in areas like AmedGili Gede, Gili Air or Nusa Lembongan, Seminyak is a great starting point to any fun getaway in Bali.