The tropical paradise of Bali, “The Island of the Gods”, is a popular tourist destination for people from all over the world. Whatever your ideal vacation may be, Bali is sure to have a resort that will suit your needs. We have looked all over the beautiful Island of Bali and found the top 10 resorts that will not only give you a great vacation but will also help you relax, heal and go home a healthier person in mind, body, and soul.



Bali yoga

The Fivelements resort, located in the town of Puri Ahimsa, has focused itself to helping create high impact wellness strategies for their clients to throw themselves into and take home when they leave. The founders believe that by leading a better life through a healthier lifestyle it will lead to a happier world. Their healing strategies are inspired by the Balinese way of life, which encourages a greater self-harmony with the spirit, the environment and with other people. Fivelements is designed to help guests tune into all levels of one’s physical, emotional and spiritual being for a completely natural healing process from the stresses of life at home. The therapies you can expect from this incredible resort stem from traditional Balinese therapies and beliefs that we all live in two worlds, the conscious (sekala) and the unseen (niskala). Fivelements specializes in healing with meditation, chakra balancing sessions, deep bodywork and prana energy healing where the five elements are used to heal the body. The Beauty Sanctuary at Fivelements will provide you with every spa treatment you can imagine. All products in these therapies are freshly made at the Fivelements Laboratory. Fivelements offers guests with several packages to choose from with the options to add where and whatever you like.


The Yoga Barn:

This little rustic themed resort in the town of Ubud has dedicated itself to provide their guests a relaxing and inspiring environment where they can unwind and just simply relax. They have mastered the art of yoga and have professional instructors who give 15 daily classes in yoga, dance, detox methods, meditation and so much more. The facilities at The Yoga Barn include six yoga studios, ten rooms for guests, a healing centre, spa, amphitheater, juice bar, garden café and of course a wonderful yoga shop for all your personal equipment needs.


Bali Silent Retreat:

Bali meditation

If peace and quiet is what you desire on your vacation to Bali then this resort is exactly what the doctor’s ordered. Found just outside the small village of Mongan, the Bali Silent Retreat believes in healing through silent self-reflection. They give you the freedom to design your own schedule and fill up your days with meditation, yoga, trips to the natural hot springs and discussions on Balinese culture and cooking. If you are lucky enough to visit during the full or new moon, you can take part in the magical fire healing ceremonies. Bali Silent Retreat provide their guests with three vegetarian meals a day with organic vegetables that they grow in their own garden. The element that makes this resort so special is their belief in the Ashram Living Style where guests are required to make up their own rooms and wash their own dishes. They believe in a garbage-in garbage-out system where any garbage you bring with you which is non-recyclable or compostable (such as cosmetic packages and candy bar wrappers) needs to leave with you. As mentioned, healing is done through quiet self-reflection and therefore talking is discouraged except for designated “Chat-Zones”. Wi-Fi and electrical outlets are limited, however, if you need help with either or if you’d like your room cleaned for you, the staff will be happy to help and all you need to do is ask.


Nuala Retreat:

Quite possibly my personal favorite, The Nuala Resort was designed for simple relaxation. Daily yoga lessons in a tropical garden, spa treatments, meditation sessions, day trips into town and morning walks on the white sand beaches, what more can you ask for out of a vacation. But that’s not all folks, Nuala doesn’t just provide for traveling singles and couples looking to escape the world, they also have family packages available. While mom and dad have an indulging couples massage, kids are offered surfing lessons, horseback riding, a beach boot camp, elephant riding, tree top adventures and a local chocolate factory tour. All meals are prepared with organic foods by expert chefs, who will cook vegan and vegetarian meals where you will completely forget about meat.


Bali Mountain Retreat:

Bali MassageFor the love of music and music lovers everywhere, this is a paradise inside a paradise. Bali Mountain Retreat provides their guests with workshops in guitar, songwriting, singing and introduces them to traditional Balinese music. Guests are invited to local performances and trips to the cultural centers of the city of Ubud. Try and organize your trip to the Bali Mountain Retreat around a festival or ceremony to be included and have a truly fulfilling and unforgettable time. The Bali Mountain Retreat isn’t just about music and learning, but also to relax and have fun with spa treatments and all meals included in your stay.


Surf Goddess Retreat:

A retreat for women created by women to relax, surf, eat and repeat. What more can be said? Located on an untainted beach in Ubud, the Surf Goddess Retreat provides their guests with surfing and paddle board lesson, organic meals, yoga and meditations sessions and, of course, what every woman needs when on vacation spa treatments and free Wi-Fi.


The Chillhouse:

Bali sunrise

If the name doesn’t give it away, nothing else will. Located in Canggu, The Chillhouse immerses their guests in the tropical Balinese culture and lifestyle. They pride themselves in three activities for a healthy lifestyle: biking, surfing, and yoga. The biking element allows for the guests to have a healthy body through sports, the surfing for mind and body and yoga for the soul. Their surfing lessons range from beginner to intermediate with onsite ISA surf coaches. Four different styles of yoga are taught: Vinyasa, Hutha, Yin and Kundalini. Their facilities include a spa, two swimming pools, a poolside bar and unlimited high-speed Wi-Fi.


Escape Haven:

This award winning resort is another which was created by women for women. Their philosophy is that with love and care, every woman has the ability to blossom into the most radiant version of herself. As women give so much of themselves to those they love, sometimes a woman just needs to be indulged. There are three pre-planned packages to choose from all including spa treatments, yoga and meditation sessions, detox programs and surf and fitness programs. The truly amazing thing about Escape Haven is that they run their own charity called the Creating Futures Foundation (CFF) where they use innovative educational systems to help the children of Bali learn the skills they will need for a successful future.


Desa Seni:

Set in the rice fields of Canggu, the Desa Seni resort is a space of complete rest and total relaxation. They pride themselves in their organic gourmet meals and all their facilities created for giving their guests a vacation to remember. Their in-house spa specializes in all spa treatments and reflexology. As with all the mentioned retreats and resorts, yoga and meditation sessions are provided.



Bali indonesia spirituality

A slightly more extreme vacation resort, IN2U is focused on fitness fitness fitness. It’s not just for gym junkies, though, they cater to everyone of every level of fitness and encourage their guests to push their limits. They understand that every person has specific dietary requirements and therefore cater to all diets. The fitness programs at IN2U is no boot camp, but include activities such as hiking, paddle boarding, surfing, white water rafting, snorkeling, canoeing and wellness workshops on lifestyle and nutrition. After a hard day’s work, guests are encouraged to unwind wind yoga sessions and spa treatments.