Nusa Dua – Bali Indonesia

best nusa dua activitiesIf you’re looking for adventure and are on a budget, you’ll probably want to look elsewhere. While there are a handful of homestays and budget rentals, Nusa Dua is notoriously the most expensive area in all of Bali, with prices that easily rival other expensive tropical destinations like Hawaii or Tahiti. Nusa Dua is for those looking to relax, enjoy (mostly) calm ocean conditions, and be pampered.


Nusa Dua Resorts

From the Grand Hyatt to the Ayodya and Mulia, this strip of coastline holds several options of high-end resorts. You get great service, all the amenities, and great views, but you’re absolutely going to pay for it.

best activities nusa dua bali


Nusa Dua Restaurants

Nusa Dua has plenty of fantastic restaurants. We’re always looking for the best bebek betutu (whole duck marinated in local spices and slowly cooked in banana leaves) and finally found the best on the island. We think Raja’s at the Nusa Dua Beach Hotel serves the best duck. It was delicious. We also like that they made some fresh sambal at the table for us. This is their signature dish and should be ordered ahead of time.

best restaurants nusa dua

We also love the atmosphere at Pirates Bay. While the food is nothing to write home about, sipping cocktails or fresh juices in an elaborate treehouse or pirate ship is a great way to spend the afternoon in Bali.


things to do nusa duaNusa Dua Entertainment

The closest thing you’ll find to entertainment is the daily torch lighting ceremony held at certain resorts or a lounge singer here and there. This area wasn’t built for a party but more for lounging and pampering.


Nusa Dua Beaches

One of the big pluses of staying in Nusa Dua is the quality and atmosphere at the beach. The sand is regularly groomed and trash is picked up. Sadly, many beaches in Bali have trash on them. (The local people haven’t quite figured out that plastic doesn’t biodegrade.)

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Also, local vendors are not permitted to solicit without your interest. You’ll notice that they have numbers on their hats. They have special rules in this area and are required to share profits with the hotels. We mention this because at many other beaches you’ll be barraged with vendors shoving sarongs and shirts in your face. They only approach if you show interest. A nice perk.


Nusa Dua Surfing

There are a handful of fun waves over here, but they’re usually found in the off-season, being that it’s on the East side of the Bukit.