Gajah Mina Resort – Balian, Bali Indonesia

Gajah Mina Resort is the best place to stay while visiting the upper west coast of Bali. Their expansive grounds hug the coast, which gives them their own private, little black sand beach. It’s also sits over Balian Beach, a really fun spot to surf both lefts and rights.

resorts west baliWhere is it?

From Kuta, you’re looking at around 1 to 1 1/2 hours of driving.

Is it Worth the Drive?

We’ve been to many high-end resorts on Bali, and this one is our favorite. These are just a few of the features that make Gajah Mina Resort superior to most.

Gajah Mina Highlights:

• Private Black Sand Beach
• Low Prices
• Massage Room on an Ocean Cliff Top
• Perfect Pool with a Pool Bar and Food
• A Short Walk to Balian Surfing Beach
• A Great Restaurant and Bar
• Excellent Views of the Surf
• Peaceful, Quiet & Well Manicured Grounds
• Accommodates Large Groups
• Air Conditioned Rooms
• The “Merphant” at the Pool
• Private, Separated Bungalows
• The Honeymoon Suite. Enough said.

Gajah Mina Beach Resort
Suraberata, Lalanglinggah,
Selemadeg, Tabanan
Bali – Indonesia
Tel: +62 81 934-355-633
Fax: +62 361 731-174

While staying at the Gajah Mina, we enjoyed some incredible meals, epic surfing, and relaxing massages.

Between surfing, we’d run up to the resort, have lunch, sit in the pool, then go back to the beach for another surf session. It was perfect. While we surfed, our ladies enjoyed massages on the cliffs with ocean breezes and crashing waves.

bali accommodationsThis is a great resort for someone booking a group event like a wedding or yoga retreat. They have several locations for you to have large groups celebrating, meditating, or exploring.

Now that you know where to stay, check out the waves you’ll be riding! Balian Surfing Beach picks up more swell than most spots, which gives it a crowd if everywhere else is flat. When we visited, the crowd was there with anywhere between 10 and 50 guys out at a time, but it never felt crowded.

The good thing is that this spot has a bunch of lefts and rights, and it’s far away. If it’s working elsewhere, you’re likely to get bigger, less crowded waves at Balian Surfing Beach.

More photos of Gajah Mina Resort – Balian, Bali

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