Legong Dance & Ramayana – Ubud Activities

While visiting Ubud, Bali, make sure to check out the Legong Dance & Ramayana. The dancing is very entertaining, the music unique and skilled, and the story insightful. When we went last, it started at 7:30pm at the Ancak Saji Ubud Palace Court Yard built in the 16th Century.

events ubud baliA Few Tips

Keep this in mind for the best experience:

  • Arrive a little early for front row seats
  • Buy your tickets from the kids in front for a better deal
  • They serve beers & drinks!
  • Bring a camera
  • Follow the story in the brochure
  • Be prepared to sit for a while



We arrived 5-10 minutes before the show and got good seats, but a bit on the side. If you get there 20-25 minutes before, you can enjoy a beer and get more centered seats.

Along the walk to the show, you’ll be hassled by many children trying to sell you tickets. We suggest buying your tickets from these kids, but only directly in front of the show (this way you’re certain they’re legit.) We did this, and the kids came up to the ticket takers with us to ease our minds.

Follow the story in the brochure. The little brochure that acts as your ticket also explains the show. It’s a good idea to read along, that way it becomes more interesting. NOT that it isn’t interesting, but the show runs a bit long, and without reference, you’re not going to know what’s going on or the deeper meaning behind the movements.

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For your information and amusement, below we have recited exactly TO THE WORD what you’ll find in the brochure explaining the story portrayed through Legong and Ramayana dancing.

“Legong” Dance & “Ramayana” (Brochure Text)

1. Instrumental Music

2. Legong “JOBOG” Dance Story

This dance is based on the story of two brothers, Kings Subali & Sugriwa, who are turned into monkeys. At the beginning of the dance the two brothers, represented by the Legong, are living peacefully together. After some time we see the two as monkeys (this has happened because of acts not shown in the dance: Princess Dewi Tara had brought a powerful magic, and both brothers wanted it but her father had thrown it into a river which transforms whoever jumps into it into a monkey, and both brothers had leapt in after the magic.)

Since as monkey they do not know each other, they fight. Finally, when neither one wins or loses, they become tired and recognize each as Subali and Sugriwa, see that they have been changed into monkeys, and become very sad.
(From “RAMAYANA” Epic)

3. “RAMAYANA” Dance

Rama, Sita and her brother Laksamana, they enter the jungle of Dandaka. Their journey has been detected by demonic minister, Maricha of Alengka Kingdom.

King Rahwana discusses with Maricha about kidnapping the beautiful princess Sita.

But How?…

Maricha transforms himself into a deer to attract Sita and tires to exact the cute golden deer but cannot. She asks Rama to exact & bring her as a gift.

Rama left Sita under Laksamana’s protection. When Rama shoots the deer, it changes back to real Maricha. Maricha is hurt and screaming for a help. Sita hears someone screaming and knows it must be Rama. She orders Laksamana to go there and help him. Laksamana didn’t believe that it was Rama, but he traces the magic circle around Sita.

dance performances bali

“No body won’t be able to approach her…”

Rahwana has been watching Sita sit alone, and after a little while, he appears disguised an old priest, who is begging very very poorly for water to drink. As soon as Sita brings water to him, Rahwana snatches Sita out of the circle and takes her.

On the way back to Rahwana’s kingdom, the gigantic bird Jatayu, a friend of Rama’s father, tries to rescue Sita. But in a short fight Jatayu is defeated. Before Jatayu’s death, Rama and Laksamana find him and explain Sita’s misadventure… now should be at the Rahwana’s Palace!

Rama prays to send Jatayu to heaven. Exciting appearance of white monkey warrior Hanoman with his troupe.

Rama orders him to enter the Alengka kingdom to meet Sita in exile. Rama gives his ring to Hanoman to identify his role as true messenger. At the palace, Rahwana’s nice and sympathetic attendants are trying to comfort Sita as they’re suddenly disturbed by the arrival of King Rahwana. Then he strongly forces Sita to marry him, but Trijata cajoles the king to wait until the next day.

Hanoman stroms into the palace. He meets Sita & Trijata and hands over the ring to Sita, in return, she gives the golden flower to Hanoman. Before leaving the palace Hanoman destroys the garden to express his anger.

Demonic soldiers find Hanoman and fight with him, Hanoman defeats the guards & files back report to Rama.

Rama sent Hanoman’s troupe to attack Algenka kingdom. Rama & Rahwana fight. Then, at last Hanoman defeats Rahwana. Sita is released and Rama & Laksamana feels happy to meet Sita again.

OM, Joy to Rama and Sita!

legong dance ubud bali


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