These Bali Orphans are great surfers and wonderful kids with bright futures ahead.

We enjoyed spending time on 3 occasions with the super groms at the Bali Yayasan Permata Orphanage. One day we took them surfing and got some great footage (see videos below.)


Bali Orphans

bali surf day sponsorWhen visiting Bali, consider sponsoring a day with these great kids. After having surfed some of the best waves in the world, eaten unforgettable delicious meals, and having met the kindest people on Earth, the one thing that really stands out when looking back at our last trip is the time we spent with these kids.

The kids at this Kuta orphanage are truly loving, wonderful little people. Most of them come from pretty grim circumstances, and now they live together in a positive environment. After hearing some of the stories about how they came to the orphanage, we all felt really guilty having had relatively spotless childhoods. Not all of the kids have horribly sad stories. Some come from families that are below the poverty level and can not provide for them. At the orphanage, they are given a roof, nourishment, education, and a loving family.
Scott and his wife have worked at the orphanage for many years and work probably harder than anyone we’ve ever met. Scott is a part of the Asian Pacific Children’s fund, which travels the world to set up orphanages in areas that need it most. The work they do is selfless, honest, and incredibly helpful. We admire Scott and everyone else that work with the orphanage.


How You Can Help:

  • Sponsor a day with the kids! Take them to the arcade, waterpark, surfing, or just spend time with them.
  • Donate to ACP FUND. This fund helps build and run orphanages in the most needy areas of the world. Donate or help in some way at APCFUND.
  • Tell a friend. Let a friend who might be going to Bali know about this orphanage. They can sponsor a day and be left with some awesome memories.


bali permata orphanageOur Surfing Adventure

Scott took us to 2 different spots on the East side of Bali to surf both a left hand rock-bottom wave and then again to a beach-break that broke mostly right. They were both river mouths with some pretty nasty pollution, but the waves were good.

First off, these kids RIP!! They’re way better than any of us old guys could ever have wished at their ages. Top turns, bottom turns, barrels, and big cut backs, these kids can really do it all. They’re also fearless! Some of these waves towered double to triple overhead (for them) and they didn’t seem to care.

bali groms

The future of surfing in Bali lies in the hands of these kids. I can’t wait to visit again in a few years and see their progression.

Not only are they good surfers and fearless, these guys have the right attitude in the water. Surfing is fun to them… Period. No one was surfing to pump up their egos. Everyone hooted each other on and had a lot of fun.

Learn more about Yayasan Permata Orphanage.

bali orphanage

Thanks to Natalie Brown Photography with the assistance of Sammy for the great photos. Thank you Crissy Hansen for video taping from the beach. Thanks to Wes and Chris for the onboard video. AND biggest thanks to Scott McAlcvany for everything you do for the kids and for showing us some fun spots. Mahalo!